We want to talk with you because your experience matters. 

What you say will help us understand what is working, and what needs to change to make it better for tamariki
Children (plural) aged 0-13 yearsView the full glossary
and rangatahi
Young person aged 14 – 21 years of ageView the full glossary
in care or custody, and for their whānau
Whānau refers to people who are biologically linked or share whakapapa. For the Monitor’s monitoring purposes, whānau includes parents, whānau members living with tamariki at the point they have come into care View the full glossary

We have conversations with people individually and in groups. We will work with you to decide how and where we talk. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible during our conversation.

Talking with us is completely voluntary. If we ask you something you’d prefer not to answer, you don’t have to. Just let us know.

You can also change your mind about speaking with us at any time. You don’t have to tell us why you’ve changed your mind.
After we have visited your community, we summarise the information and insights we have gathered and then share these with you. This will let you know what we heard across your region.

If you choose to kōrero with us, we will let you know when you can expect to receive this information.
We won’t tell anyone you spoke with us and we de-personalise all information we gather. This means you won’t be able to be identified.

When we talk with you, we write down what you say so we don’t forget, but we won’t write your name. You can ask to look at these notes.

We sometimes use quotes in our reports, but we will only do this if they do not identify the person who spoke with us.

Our notes are stored safely and securely where only certain staff from the Independent Children’s Monitor can see them. 

Your name will not be shared with anyone unless we are worried about your safety, the safety of someone else, or a serious crime has been committed. If this happens, we will discuss it with you first, as long as it is safe to.

If we are talking to you in a group, other people may say things that they don’t want anyone else to know, so please don’t share what they say with anyone.

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