Agency Compliance with Regulations 69 and 85 of the Oranga Tamariki (National Care Standards and Related Matters) Regulations



Executive Summary

  • Purpose of the Report
  • Background on the Role and Function of the Monitor
  • The requirement for the Oranga Tamariki system to self-monitor
  • High-Level Summary Findings
  • Continuous Improvement Observations
  • Future Focus
  • Update on the Establishment Activities of the Independent Children’s Monitor
    • Development of the Outcomes Framework
    • Community Engagement
    • Developing the Assessment Approach



  • The impact of COVID-19

Analysis of Information Provided by Agencies to Assess Compliance with Regulations 69 and 85

  • Question One - Have there been any updates to your policies, procedures, tools and practices for responding to allegations of abuse or neglect in respect to tamariki
    Children (plural) aged 0-13 yearsView the full glossary
    or rangatahi
    Young person aged 14 – 21 years of ageView the full glossary
    in care?
  • Question Two - Describe how practice is being enhanced in relation to continuous improvement activities
  • Question Three - Describe any developments in your practice regarding the way you respond to allegations of harm in relation to tamariki Māori
  • Question Four - How are you able to provide assurance that all allegations in relation to risk of harm caused by abuse or neglect of a child or young person in care are logged and responded to?
  • Question Five (Open Home Foundation, Dingwall Trust and Barnardos) - Please describe the supports put in place for a child or young person following an allegation of harm. 
  • Question Five (Oranga Tamariki) - How many of the reports made in relation to a risk of harm caused by abuse or neglect have been responded to in a timely manner?
  • Question Six - Was the information regarding the reports of concern, detailed in question five, recorded and reported in a consistent manner?
  • Question Seven - In how many cases was the child or young person informed of the outcome of the Report of Concern?
  • Question Eight - Were appropriate steps taken with the parties to the allegation, including a review of the caregiver’s plan?


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