Question Seven

What improvement processes does the Agency have in place to address any issues identified (such as through assurance activities)?

The agencies have identified improvement processes to address any issues identified (such as through assurance activities) and while some processes are underway, it’s too early for any impact of these changes to be reported to the Monitor.

Open Home Foundation – As mentioned previously, Open Home Foundation stated that one of the key improvement processes is the introduction of the National Manager/Principal Advisor overseeing any allegations and addressing any concerns that may arise.

Dingwall Trust – Dingwall Trust stated in its information that the self-assessment it completed highlighted the need to develop more robust internal quality assurance mechanisms which are now in development.

Barnardos – The information provided by Barnardos stated that it has a number of generic assurance processes are in place, including and not limited to policies and procedures being reviewed at different levels of the organisation, quarterly monitoring meetings with contract managers and the ability to escalate risk regarding serious incidents to the Executive Team and the Board.

Future Focus: Evidence of improvement processes and progress will be required for the Monitor’s June 2020 report.

Oranga Tamariki – In addition to what has already been mentioned Oranga Tamariki informed the Monitor that it is establishing a System Enhancements Board to drive a coordinated approach to processing system-level insights gathered by its internal activities and external mechanisms. The Board will create effective feedback loops and decision-making to better the likelihood of continuous improvement. Oranga Tamariki has also informed the Monitor that it will be repeating its self-assessment process (including for all NGOs) between January to March 2020.

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