Question Nine

Is the information available to the Agency and provided to the Monitor under regulation 85 and, when requested, under regulation 84, sufficient to enable the Monitor to fulfil its monitoring role?

Given the short monitoring period, there is not currently sufficient information to enable the Monitor to fulfil its monitoring role.

This initial assessment process has provided the Monitor with substantial background and baseline information regarding each agency’s policies, processes and practices. This enables the Monitor to have a comprehensive understanding of each of the agency’s ways of working relative to regulations 69 and 85 and provides a benchmark for future reports.

Future Focus: With an initial baseline now established through this report, the Monitor will be reviewing its initial assessment framework with a view to seeking more targeted responses that will enable it to wholly fulfil its monitoring function.

The Monitor’s data request has also triggered each agency to consider its policies, processes and practice and to make enhancements as appropriate. The process has also provided them with an opportunity to assure themselves they have enough practice guidance as well as provide continuous improvement opportunities.

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