Question Eight

What specific improvements are being considered or implemented by the Agency in relation to responding to information disclosures referred to in regulation 69(1)?

The agencies have identified specific improvements in relation to responding to information disclosures referred to in regulation 69(1).

Open Home Foundation – Open Home Foundation told the Monitor that it is considering implementing the “Mind of my Own” App which would enable children and young people to feed back their views and alert social workers in several different ways.

Dingwall Trust – Dingwall Trust advised that it is also trialling a new phone-based App which will assist staff to raise and log incidents or issues of concern. This enables managers to track responses and improve capacity to report accurately on various issues of concern, including disclosures.

Barnardos – Barnardos stated it will be conducting audits of responses to information disclosures for all children and young people in its custody. A national template is also being developed to capture the information relevant to regulations 69 and 85 in one location.

Oranga Tamariki – In addition to what has already been mentioned the information provided by Oranga Tamariki stated that significant work was completed prior to 1 July 2019 to prepare for the regulations being introduced. This included the development of guidance and policy associated with an expanded definition of a child in need of care and protection and guidance on serious harm. Oranga Tamariki also identified its Children’s Experiences Survey as a vehicle for monitoring the experience of practice and experience-based outcomes important to tamariki.

It has also identified the opportunity to work with its providers to strengthen understanding of how the related processes of harm, concerns, abuse and neglect are described and reflected.

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