Each year, we ask the agencies who hold care and custody responsibilities for their self-monitoring information (data).  

These requests check compliance with the National Care Standards Regulations, as well as asking the agencies their understanding of the quality of care being provided. We also ask for updates on areas of improvement we have previously requested information on.  

This data is then validated by our community visits to understand the experience of care.  We do this by connecting and listening to those that have a role to play in the Oranga Tamariki system, including whānau
Whānau refers to people who are biologically linked or share whakapapa. For the Monitor’s monitoring purposes, whānau includes parents, whānau members living with tamariki at the point they have come into care View the full glossary
, hapū
Sub-tribeView the full glossary
, iwi
TribeView the full glossary
, caregivers, providers and professionals. Most importantly, we engage directly with tamariki
Children (plural) aged 0-13 yearsView the full glossary
and rangatahi
Young person aged 14 – 21 years of ageView the full glossary
Visiting communities also includes meeting with frontline kaimahi from other government agencies such as health, education and police.

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