Question Five

Open Home Foundation, Dingwall Trust and Barnardos

Please describe the supports put in place for a child or young person following an allegation of harm.

This question relates to the provision of supports under regulation 69(2)(d). It was only directed to Open Home Foundation, Dingwall Trust and Barnardos as the broader responsibilities Oranga Tamariki has, including the requirement to put supports in place, is covered in the answers to the question that follows. The Monitor is seeking insight into the level of support provided to tamariki and rangatahi both during and after a finding of abuse or neglect.

Both Barnardos and Dingwall Trust reported they had not received any allegations of harm caused by abuse or neglect for the period and therefore compliance with the regulation was not relevant to this question.

Open Home Foundation

Open Home Foundation provided information on one allegation of abuse or neglect of a tamaiti or rangatahi in its custody from 1 October to 31 December 2019. It also provided information in relation to the three other allegations received in the first quarter (1 July to 30 September 2019). An overview of the actions taken to support tamariki and rangatahi where an allegation of abuse had been made were provided. A plan review was completed for each tamaiti or rangatahi when the allegation was made, regardless of the outcome. Each foster parent (caregiver) plan was reviewed to ensure that the supports in place were adequate for the caregivers to be able to support and care for the child or rangatahi. Supports were always tailored to the needs of the individual case and included further caregiver trauma-informed training, cultural supports, therapy with a child psychologist, discussions with the school, social skills training and increased supervised visits with a parent. For one child, extra funding was sought to enable weekly support worker visits to help build on their strengths. 

Based on this information, Open Home Foundation is compliant with this requirement.

It was also reported that it did not make a distinction between reports that did or did not result in a finding of abuse or neglect when providing support to tamariki or rangatahi.

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