Analysis of Information Provided by Agencies to Assess Compliance with Regulations 69 and 85

This section of the report is based primarily on the information, data and analysis provided by each of the four agencies. The information requested focused on updates and continuous improvement work undertaken since the last report. Individual agency responses have been summarised under each question and where relevant this includes responses to observations made in the Monitor’s initial report.

Question One – Have there been any updates to your policies, procedures, tools and practices for responding to allegations of abuse or neglect in respect to tamariki or rangatahi in care?

Question Two – Describe how practice is being enhanced in relation to continuous improvement activities.

Question Three – Describe any developments in your practice regarding the way you respond to allegations of harm in relation to tamariki Māori.

Question Four – How are you able to provide assurance that all allegations in relation to risk of harm caused by abuse or neglect of a child or young person in care are logged and responded to?

Question Five – (Open Home Foundation, Dingwall Trust and Barnardos) Please describe the supports put in place for a child or young person following an allegation of harm. 

Question Five – (Oranga Tamariki) How many of the reports made in relation to a risk of harm caused by abuse or neglect have been responded to in a timely manner?

Question Six – Was the information regarding the reports of concern, detailed in question five, recorded and reported in a consistent manner?

Question Seven – In how many cases was the child or young person informed of the outcome of the Report of Concern?

Question Eight – Were appropriate steps taken with the parties to the allegation, including a review of the caregiver’s plan?

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